Pizza Slice Float in Quincy

Your pool is a place for family and friends to have fun. That’s why we stock our stores with an abundance of toys and games. The owner of Goulart Pools David Goulart admits to being a big kid himself, so he has made sure to carry a wonderful selection of toys and games with everything from a pizza slice float, arm floaties, goggles, and masks.

Toys and Games

We invite you to come into the Quincy store to see what toys and games you would like. As well as floats in the shape of pizza, we have ones that look like various animals, pretzels, and even flip-flops. This year, we added towable floats to the mix.

On the serious side of fun, our stores carry essentials for those in your family who are learning to swim. We know you want the experience to be safe and enjoyable.

Also new to our store are items that make your pool an entertainment center. We have outdoor furniture, propane fire pits, and outdoor signs. Check out items from these reputable manufacturers:


Contact us today to stock your pool with floats that make swimming more fun. From our store in Quincy, we proudly serve pool owners on the South Shore of Massachusetts.